Scientific articles

Within the project, two articles have been published in the journals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia, one article in the electronic journal included in the all-Russian base of citing:

1. Kormishkina L.A., Kormishkin E.D., Semenov N.N. The EU role in ensuring global food security // Fundamentalnye issledovaniya. 2015. №11. P.166-169

Abstract. The problem of food security is one of the most important global problems have being discussed actively by the international community in recent years. The noted shortfall in the world food production from population growth and a significant number of hungry people in the world cause an urgent need for the integration of various countries and development of the international policy in the field of ensuring global food security. The article considers the role of the European Union in ensuring food security at the international level, solving the problem of accessibility of food for the population in developing countries. The authors analyzed the functioning of the EU Food Found. It is concluded that the European Union plays a key role in solving the problem of poverty in developing countries, providing them with external food aid, and investment in agriculture.

2. Gorin V.A., Sausheva O.S., Zemskova E.S. Resource-saving technologies in agriculture as a tool for ensuring food security: the experience of the European Union // Fundamentalnye issledovaniya. 2016. №6. P. 212-217.

Abstract. The article analyzes the position of the EU on issues of food security and sustainable agricultural development, in particular, covers the main areas of the European research and innovation program Horizon 2020. The analysis of changes in the size of cultivated areas in Russia and the EU countries with the most developed economies has been done in terms of food security and resource conservation principles. It is noted that the high volatility in food markets threatens food security, and the high growth of the stock of wheat prices in the late 2000s did not allow the EU to achieve targets for the biofuels share in the fuel market. The paper studies the relationship between the proportion of cultivated areas under rapeseed used for the biofuels production in the total area of agricultural land and the life quality in the world and the EU. As a result, it has been found that a high proportion of areas under rapeseed (10%) is typical for the developed countries, since the issue of food security is less urgent in these countries.

There was also published an article on the basis of the results of the “round table” “The role of the European Union in ensuring the availability and quality of food”:

3. Zasimova A.V., Konnov S.S. (the students participating in the project made a presentation at the round table). The development of organic production as a leading trend of the EU agrarian policy// Kontentus EU agricultural policy. 2016. № 3
Abstract: This article deals with the problem of food security in the European Union and organic products as an integral part of it. The authors analyze main factors providing the active development of the organic products production, and quantitative and qualitative indicators of the said development. Key words: EU, food safety, organic (biological) production, system of standards, logotype.